I loved them all,

The sirens testing my meshes

When I languidly embraced the waters.

I let the currents play with my knots

Spreading like a blanket on an innocent cot.

Still and invisible I dreamed of light,

A silent force in shimmering water

Until they woke me, tugging at my seams,

Blindly trying to change their destiny.

I smiled gently, gathered them lovingly

And offered them, like a bunch of flowers

To rough hands, creviced by salt and sand.

But one of them was special,

She sang so gently to my heart

That I traded my life, my dreams

For a touch of her soul.

She smiled at me gently, gathered me lovingly

Shaped me to her image

And exiled me forever to the sand.

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Lijkt wel een reuze grote vis!

Gepost door: Martine | 12-06-08

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