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I brought you a rose this time,

Not just stories of the child you never knew,

Of the girl you loved and left


I think about the freckles on your nose,

Your lopsided grin,

And the fire in your eyes when you set out

To cross the ocean,

To bring freedom to the world.

You are forever young

Whilst time has caught up with me.

Soon the ocean which has kept us apart

Will vanish from my life.

Soon I will close my eyes

Hoping you will meet me at the other side

With a rose and a smile in your eyes.

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Aangrijpend mooi geschreven.

Gepost door: wim | 26-06-08

Gewwoon pràchtig, tekst en foto één geheel... merciekes voor dit gevoel wat jij zo mooi overbrengen kon!

Gepost door: gerdaYD | 27-06-08

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