BLOG B summer in the city 




The pavements are blooming.

BLOG B Desmecht 




Women are pretty and patient.

 BLOG B reading on sidewalk





A man reads on the sidewalk.

 BLOG B vespa black 





A Vespa! I need a Vespa!  

BLOG B Baseman 




 Mr. Baseman swings you back to the fifties... 

BLOG B Public 




... the public is attentive, though peculiar.

BLOG B happy rocker 







The happy rocker gets Little Suzy on her feet

BLOG B Rocka round the clock





 Let's rock around the clock!

BLOG B June 08 059 




Anything goes better when you stick out your tongue!

BLOG B vespa red 




A red Vespa makes me sing like Janis Joplin: "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz... " Except I want a Vespa, a red one. That's a lot cheaper!  Surely God, that's a good bargain!


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heerlijke beleving deze summer in the city :-))

Gepost door: klaproos | 01-07-08

knap foto verhaal met bijpassende tekst.

Gepost door: wim | 02-07-08

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