Stones 4 




One day, a god disguised as a devil, invited me for a visit of his playground.



Stones 2 

"Look what I can do", he said and kneaded the rocks in his hands. He delicately placed them on the edge of the ocean.


stones 1



Then he threw around some weight and built a shelter around some flowers.


Stones 5 

"I can be gentle", he said. "And I can be cruel. I can protect or crush. To me it makes no difference. I'm everything you can imagine and more."


 Stones 6 


Then he got bored. "Tell me more!" I asked. But he stared at the sky, lost in wonders.


Stones 7



And I thought, when the gods are of stone, only love might save us all.


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dripping Constant love-dripping wears away the stone!

Gepost door: Martine | 15-10-08

Prachtig die beelden van de natuur.

Gepost door: wim | 16-10-08

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