Kruidtuin 0 


It was cold in my heart. I needed some shelter, some warmth.


Kruidtuin 1 




A glass palace loomed, promised to give me both and more.



Kruidtuin 2 


I entered an enchanted world of clean lines and playful light.


Kruidtuin 3 

"Hello dear lady", whispered gigantic ferns. "Welcome in Wonderland". 



Kruidtuin 4





Cautiously I wandered through green magic.



Kruidtuin 5 




Tender colors flowered here and there.



Kruidtuin 7 




"Would you care for a parasol, my lady?"



Kruidtuin 8 


"Or perhaps some exotic fruit?"


Kruidtuin 9 


That's when the guardian warned me not to get any ideas.


Kruidtuin 10 


Ouch! Ouch!! That stung!!!


Kruidtuin 11 


My leg bled a red tear, my eye a transparant one.






"Hush, don't cry or you will turn to stone, just like me!" she said.



Kruidtuin 13 


 "I swear I don't", I replied. The goldfish kept my secret.


Kruidtuin 15 


And hurriedly I left with a tear and a smile in my eyes.

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