My shadow and IMy shadow and I walked for hours along the beach.




Path to heaven

Even if I had a lot of work to do, the promise of a walk afterwards was a nice reward.




My man More often than not, the beach was deserted. I felt like a rich women, having a marvelous place all to herself.




Dog on the rocks Sometimes, I had a bit of company.




Conversation of gulls

 Mostly from seagulls, chatting away their time.




Mozes 4

 I also met some strange men.




Mozes 2 They flocked together, smiling a bit shyly, exited by their meeting with the sea.




Mozes They made me think of Mozes, spreading the waters. But in this case it was the bulwark dividing them in two groups.



Riders on the storm Than the riders on the storm appeared and scattered them like flotsam.




bird The sea was mine again, mine and a birds'.




evening falls I retraced my steps into the blue...




back home And went home again.

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oversee Greetings from the other side of the ocean! Boston!
Beautiful pictures and a poetic explanation!

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