Today I met a crow.

crow 1

From his vantage point, he dispassionately observed the passers by.

crow 5 

Together, we watched the sea in turmoil.

crow 6

The waves brought us a present. 

Crow 8

They toyed with it till the wind changed its destiny.

crow 2

 A young couple ran in the opposite direction. I reveled in their escape.

Crow 10

 My eyes scanned the horizon and saw how the sea gave birth to three riders.

Crow 12

One wild moment I thought they were the riders of the apocalyps. But fortunately they passed me by without a glance.


crow 3

 I felt relieved. The crow as well. Together, we watched the world go by.

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Knappe foto's!

Gepost door: Stijn | 11-02-09

Wat geweldig mooi!!!

Gepost door: ank | 12-02-09

The fourth on his white horse was just out of the picture ;-) Ik vind het een knappe reeks 'The crow' doet me denken aan de Indianen in de duinen van de Belgische kust, heel vroeger dikwijls gespeeld.

Gepost door: Wim | 12-02-09

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