Lady 5

One day, I met a proud lady. Her husband lived between walls, in something he called a castle. But the lady didn't agree with bricks, she was made of wind and water.

Lady 1

Longingly, she travelled around the castle's grounds, never alowed to cross the gates. Come summer, come winter, she waited for visitors, eager to question them about the world outside.

Lady 3

Sometimes they were young and willing to please. They whispered tales of the unknown in the lady's ears. But unvariably they came and went, leaving the lady behind.

Lady 4

As time went by, the lady became more and more transparant, a mirror to her surroundings. Finally, the bricks won her over and sadly she returned to her walls.

Lady 6

Her husband built her a tower. "Come home, my lovely" he told her. "My bricks will keep you warm." And for a while the lady traded the wind and the rain for his charm."  

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Lady Chatterley Was er geen tuinier op het landgoed ;-)

Gepost door: Wim | 07-04-09

mooi verhaal!

De 2e foto is heel leuk.
Goed idee om de einder te laten doorlopen op de spiegel.

Gepost door: Stijn | 07-04-09

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