Sometimes, the urge is too strong,

Than I have to break out of my cage.

Out, I go, challenging the wind to test my wings.

I soar and breathe, my arms straining to embrace the sky.

But always I touch my limits,

Always, the sun stays out of reach.

And when at last evening falls,

I follow the birds and come down.

I trail my wings behind me, like a fallen angel,

Already dreaming of another flight.

The sun disappears in the sea

Watched by the birds walking along the waves

Then they rise and with a final cry fly away.

And, I, with a final glance at the empty sky,

Go home to dream of another try...

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Drie De derde heeft mijn voorkeur. Mooi.

Gepost door: Peter Reynaert | 04-06-09

Ik weet niet waarom maar ik moet steeds glimlachen als ik een mens zie met vleugels :)

Gepost door: wim | 04-06-09

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