green fairy

The fairy mother prepares her daughter for the feast. She trades her pearls for the green beads of her daughter. A final adjustment of her wristband and than the green fairy is ready...

green fairy3

 Together with her companions, she flies off, trailing her shawl like a set of wings.

green fairy5

To the passionate sounds of trumpets and drums, the fairies fan the air.

green fairy17

 Their feet follow the beat.

green fairy8

Dance, dance with me fairies, until the cobbles of the ancient castle move under our feet.

green fairy12

The drums will follow our path.

green fairy20

And when at last young and old fairies alike retrace their steps...

green fairy30

I invite you in my boat, and for one more song I'll see you off to distant shores.

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Is dit in Alden Biesen?

Gepost door: Martine | 09-07-09

waw, wat een ambiance daar!

Gepost door: johan | 12-07-09

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